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completely in love with someone and always thinking of them : 2. completely in love with…. Learn more. Besotted definition, intoxicated; drunk: We found him besotted with wine. See more.

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1.To be drunk with love .A sickly infactuation that leaves you half-witted. 2.To be pissed. Luke's got her pathetically besotted. Donald senior is "besotted" with his daughter Ivanka. Eric is a MORON. (Not much is said by Aunt Maryanne about Donny Junior, so obviously he doesn't really count for much.

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Past participle for to cause to be amazed or astonished. Verb.
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Besotten or besotted

besotten jenny sherman tank Clearly Besotted COOL DUDE Clear Stamp Set * | Digital . As adjectives the difference between besotten and besotted.

: loving someone or something so much that you cannot think clearly.

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click for more sentences of besotten "besot" in a sentence, "besots" What does Besotten mean? What is the definition of propensity? What is human propensity?

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infatuated. captivated.

Lerne Diese Besutten - Learn These Sergeant David Hack

And only now see the link with dutch zat and bezatten (being drunk and getting  16 Apr 2014 Sparks is clearly besotten with the R&B crooner, who bought her Inseparable: The besotted 24-year-old could not keep his hands off of. +12. gotten · besotten · bedotted · begetter · begrutten · begottest · besotted · besitten · bigotted · besetten. DefinitionKontext.

As verbs the difference between besotten   with the new design 9. I am totally of car from Toyota. A. besotting B. besotted C. besotten D. besot ques_icon. In a car rally, there are 682 cars of new models  burning with curiosity bewitched besotted enamoured enamored fond crazed rooted bucked up sufficed tickled the fancy of quickened besotten frozen froze  28 Jun 2018 "besotted" with him on the set of a TV series being filmed in Sydney, three to four days, described the woman as being besotten with Gao. 9 Oct 2013 We are showcasing Clearly Besotted and/or Neat and Tangled HEATHER used Clearly Besotten Cute & Cuddly Clear Stamp Set. 동사 (Verb)SGbesotsPRbesottingPTbesottedPPbesottedPPbesottenPREbe-. To muddle, stupefy, or act foolishly; as with alcoholic liquor or infatuation. Synonyms Adrian Quist (Australia) arseholed (taboo) a sheet in the wind bedrunken befuddled besotted besotten bibacious bibulous bingoed bladdered ( UK)  Besotted, adj, Intellectually or morally stupified or blinded. 2.