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Bookmark This Site. English  The Commission fills their position in their absence through a non-ongoing contract. Anyone engaged on this basis is advised that the temporary vacancy is in  Each medical or mental health condition on this list is expected to last at least 12 months and to result in a need for ongoing intervention (including regularly  Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für ongoing im Online-Wörterbuch dict.cc ( Deutschwörterbuch). SYNO, on-going | ongoing · on-going | ongoing (16) Officers today said they were investigating what had happened and an inquiry is ongoing . Related Words. (1) on-going :: a-faruwa. Synonyms.

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presently or currently happening; being  From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishongoingon‧go‧ing / ˈɒnˌɡəʊɪŋ $ ˈɑːnˌɡoʊɪŋ, ˈɒːn-/ ○○○ AWL adjective CONTINUOUS continuing  ONGOING Meaning: "progressing, proceeding, not intermitting," 1877, from on + going. See definitions of ongoing. 15 Mar 2018 Art Center · News · Gallery · Cafe · Residence · Access · About · Supporter · Blog · 20210213-img-6110.jpg. Current Exhibition.

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Training is part of our ongoing  If something is ongoing, it is happening now. If you have an ongoing argument with your neighbor, it means you were arguing before, synonyms: on-going.

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Find another word for ongoing. What does ongoing mean? In progress or evolving.

The ArcticHubs  Due to the on going Covid-19 situation we have postponed our ongoing UK cinema tour of A Serial Killer's Guide to Life immediately.
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On going or ongoing

on-going; Comment: is there any difference between ongoing and on-going and if yes which is better to use in sense of current or day-to-day. Author Georg Traduzione di "ongoing" in italiano. in corso continuo costante attuale permanente continuativo corrente persistente tuttora in atto perdurante incessante persistere. ininterrotta.

The committee also stressed the ongoing importance of Eurocontrol. I think I'm going to need some ongoing treatment.
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go on its own doesn't really have any suitable meanings: the closest is "operating". So you could say "Is your watch still going?". Just use "ongoing" one word, no space or hyphen. People confuse this because of the word "going on (and on)" (continuing ceaselessly).

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The two words are properly used in the reverse order without the hyphen; e.g., the party is ongoing or The party is going on. 1. ongoing is an adjective describing "continuing to exist or develop, or happening at the present moment". go on is a phrasal verb meaning "happen" or "continue". go on its own doesn't really have any suitable meanings: the closest is "operating".

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Talks on the association agreement are ongoing. Naturally, there are ongoing ‘Ongoing’ is a noun modifying present participial which sits before noun to indicate its current state.But ‘going on’ is a typical phrasal verb of present participle form pointing out present continuous which indicates any event is still taking place. Adj. 1. ongoing - currently happening; "an ongoing economic crisis".